Monday, 31 December 2012

Travel in Style

I do believe, everyone love travelling! So do am I ! I had been travelled few of my neighbourhood country, and some Europe country. I do admit that, life is being hard work, but also enjoy.

Almost once a year, me and my family will have a family trip. Well, the trip location will just depends on our financial budgets and some interested reason. No matter what kind of season, we had our very great travel experience all the time ^_^

During my 2006 UK, Scotland, France & Holland Trip

I don't have a beautiful body shape, I'm even own a chubby shape. But I'm still appreciate what do I have, and I love to have different style whenever on my get way~
During my 2007 Hong Kong & Macau Trip

During my 2010 Taiwan Trip

During my 2011 Indonesia Trip

These are only some part of my travellers photos, doesn't matter they are beautiful photos or not, the only thing is I do love my own style!

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