Thursday, 27 December 2012

The career behind a blogger

I had studied beauty courses after my high school graduated. And I had pass my beauty examination, and become a qualified diplomatic international Beauty Therapist and Make Up Artist.
I appreciate my life of being Beauty Therapist and Make Up artist. The challenges, importance of knowledge and services, the updating information about beauty and make up things.. always bring me the satisfaction and happiness. And I had run this career till now almost 10 years (I had move to another states, and had changed to different other job scoop which are not related to Beauty and Make Up).

 My latest working post, I'm still a professional Beauty Therapist, and also work for a Lingerie Selling Company at day and night market. For me, I don't think that is easy to help a lady or a girl to get them the suitable type of bras. There were so many types of sizes, designs, texture, figures... how should I make sure that customers love the bras we sell? :( when started work with boss, I felt so frustrated!

I am so much hard working on learning from my lady boss. Step by step, and listen, and learn, and understanding. At least now, I don't dare to say that how much professional I am on selling bras :D but I'm willing to help most of the customers to get what they want, and the best things for them.

Working at day and night market, are much harder. Because of hot temperature, sun burning heat, dirty and noisy environment, uneasy serving ladies customers, super heavy stocks to move in and out daily, and I only can wear those fully covered clothes,pants and shoes (from neck, both hands to nail toe)  to prevent the hurting of sunburn and UV rays. So my outlook during my day and night market job will totally out of fashion topic :( for making more money, this is a small sacrifice that I had to do. 

During weekend, my beauty therapist services are according to my appointment with customers. Black blouse, black skirt and black legging are my own "uniform", to perform the professional of me :D 

my weekdays work day and night market outlook (Face: Remy Laure Eye Cream + Remy Laure Hydrating Moisturiser + Za SPF40 Sunblock, bun hair with hairband, no brand glasses)

                                       my weekend work Beauty Therapist outlook ( Make up: Bloom Lavender Make Up Base + M.A.C Dark Brown Eye Brow Pencil + Bloom waterproof Black Liquid Eyeliner + Youngblood Peach  Blusher + Chrisian Dior Pink  Lip Gloss,  Blouse: Element, Skirt: Taiwan, Legging: Shins)

So, these are what do I do for my current life. As a Beauty Therapist on weekend, and also a Lingerie Seller on weekdays market. I do enjoy and happy too as a freestyle blogger, to share a part of my life story. To create my favourite fashion blog, I never slow down my footsteps on updating the latest fashion trends and news. I am so much loving my life ^_^

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